Traditional and Non-Traditional Options for Funeral and Cremation in Manchester Township, NJ

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Manchester Township, NJ Funeral Home And Cremations

Making the final arrangements for an immediate or future death care need can feel overwhelming for many reasons. For one thing, there are a lot of options. So let’s talk about some of the ways these services can differ and how you can find clarity regarding which choices will best meet your needs when it comes to funeral and cremation in Manchester Township, NJ.

Having choices is generally regarded as a good thing. When planning final service arrangements, it is essential to remember two things. The constraints of your budget should not be dismissed. Adding financial stress to an already stressful situation is not necessary to say this farewell respectfully. The second thing to keep in mind is that you will not have another opportunity to lay your loved one to rest. Because of this, you must find out what is most important to you and put your money into those services first.

You may prefer to have more familiar and traditional services to bring comfort to you and your loved ones. However, there are also many ways to create respectful and meaningful services in non-traditional ways. Life celebrations, memorials, ash scattering services, direct cremations, and even funeral services can be tailored in very specific ways. This flexibility helps accommodate your needs in designing customized arrangements.

Understand the Differences: Funeral and Cremation in Manchester Township, NJ

One way to sort through the many options is to define some standard services and think about what makes the most sense for your given situation. Please remember that there is not a “best way” to plan these final services for a funeral and cremation in Manchester Township, NJ.

Funeral: A funeral service can be designed with a series of related events or just the funeral itself. In a full funeral service package, the deceased remains may be embalmed, styled, and dressed for a public presentation called a funeral wake or visitation. This event is held sometime before the funeral service, perhaps the evening before or the morning of the funeral event. This creates a time for mourners to gather, pay final respects, and show support to the closest surviving relatives.

The funeral provides a time to hear more about the life and legacy of the one who has passed. A wide range of emotions may be experienced by those who attend a funeral event. Grief counselors and professionals often discuss the benefits of attending this type of honoring ceremony. It has been shown to assist in bringing closure and allowing for acceptance to occur. The death of a loved one is challenging to navigate, and funerals particularly seem to help those who survive the death find their way forward on the healing path.

Burial: The practice of burial has been a standard format for final disposition for centuries. The natural process of decomposition means that deceased remains need to be cared for in a way that mitigates the risk of disease or unsanitary conditions. Burial serves these needs well. An honoring service at the graveside could provide a simplified funeral service if that is an attractive option. Burial is possible in both above and below ground in many cemeteries and memorial parks.

Cremation: This is another way to dispose of the final remains in a way that bypasses some of the unsavory aspects of the natural decomposition process. If there is a desire to have the final remains close by at home, cremation is a wonderful option to support that wish. Cremation is completed by incinerating the body of the deceased. In the process of cremation, all of the soft tissues are reduced to the most basic elements. The remaining bone fragments are reduced further by grinding to a powdery, called ashes.

The cremated remains can be permanently memorialized through placement in a cremation niche or buried in an urn plot. Displayable urns can be obtained to hold cremated ashes. If there are multiple households to split the cremains, that is also possible. Cremation jewelry or accessories are designed to hold a small portion of the granules so that you can always have your loved one’s remains nearby. The scattering of ashes in outdoor settings is also a lovely way to return your loved one to the earth.

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There are many ways for you to say goodbye to your loved one through respectful death care arrangements. Each individual deserves to be remembered and honored uniquely. As you make these plans relating to services like a funeral and cremation in Manchester Township, NJ, you will want to work with the experienced and compassionate professionals at Manchester Memorial Funeral Home. Call (732) 350-1950 for immediate assistance or to make an appointment to see our facilities located at 28 Schoolhouse Rd, Whiting, NJ 08759.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

Should I be Afraid of Death?

  • Yes, it's natural to be afraid of death especially if you have people relying on you. However, we must accept the fact that it will eventually happen. The best way to deal with this fear is by preparing in advance. Saving little by little can go a long way in the future. Preparing for your funeral beforehand is also a good idea so that your children or family won’t have to worry about the expenses if the time comes.

What is Left After the Cremation?

  • Cremation is the process of burning a dead body, usually with the goal of turning the body into ashes. Any bones or other remains are crushed after the cremation and placed in an urn. The urn or container in which the cremains are housed is typically given to family members as a keepsake or memorial. The family would be the ones to decide what they will do to the ashes (whether they bury it, scatter it, etc.).

How is a Traditional Burial Different from Cremation?

  • A traditional burial is very different from cremation. Traditional burials usually involve a funeral service that may last a few days and then the body is buried. Cremation is the process of reducing the body into ashes that don’t require funeral rites. Then the final disposition of the ashes will be decided by the family.