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Whiting, NJ Funeral Home And Cremations

Are you faced with needing to make final arrangements such as a funeral and cremation in Whiting, NJ? If so, it can be helpful to know that there are many ways to tailor the services you select to your preferences. It is possible to have elaborate full package service events that include many ways to connect with mourners and honor the dead. In the event you are looking for streamlined services without much fanfare, there are respectful solutions to meet your needs.

A full funerary service typically includes multiple events and can be held over a few days if desired. For example, a viewing or funeral wake is a meeting where the closest relatives receive those who come to offer condolences and pay their final respects to the deceased. This type of event can invite closure and activate the support network in meaningful ways. At this visitation meeting, the casket holding the deceased remains may be open or closed. If the casket is open to be viewed by the public, embalming of the deceased will most likely be required.

Full funeral services also may include a funeral procession to the place of final disposition. In some cases, a reception or meal will be hosted by the family for out-of-town guests and close relations. There are many ways to simplify these events if you prefer to eliminate some of these options. For example, some families choose to have immediate cremation or burial and hold a service at a later time. The right way is to do what will best support you and your family.

The Benefits of Various Service Options Like Funeral and Cremation in Whiting, NJ

Funerals are held soon after a death has occurred, sometimes within just a couple of days. This is usually because a funeral service is held with the deceased remains in attendance. Because of this, time is of the essence. If embalming is performed to sanitize and preserve the body temporarily, the timeline can be extended a bit more. Even with embalming, the body will be kept in cold storage to help deter the natural decomposition timeline as long as possible.

Burial services may be held as part of a more extensive funeral process, or the event may simply be held at the side of the grave. This might be just the thing to do for smaller groups or those looking for a more intimate setting. Burials are not only reserved for those who are receiving a casket burial. Cremated remains can be buried in most cemeteries or memorial parks. Burial options may vary at different establishments. If you are looking for a truly impressive monument, consider family crypts or mausoleums for above-ground burial entombment.

Cremation services can be ordered as a stand-alone service without planning other public services. This is called direct or simple cremation. It is also possible to combine a cremation with other honoring ceremonies, such as a full funeral or a memorial event held after the cremation takes place. If you want to combine services for both a funeral and cremation in Whiting, NJ, the funeral events should be scheduled first.

The basics of cremation are straightforward. Initially, the body will be held at the facility in cold storage while all paperwork and permits are put in order. This can be expedited in special cases but may take as long as a week. Next, the deceased will be cleansed and dressed as desired by the family. Then a hard-sided but lightweight container will receive the remains. Those who are trained and certified to perform cremation will be involved in identifying the remains and placing the container into the furnace chamber.

The intense heat ignites the contents of the chamber soon after. Within about two hours, the flames will be spent. The only visible remains will be fragments of bones and any titanium metals that may be present. These are separated, and then the bones are processed into salt or sand-sized granules. This substance is then returned to the closest relatives for their chosen final placement of the remains. Cremated remains can be kept nearby (often in a funerary urn) or scattered. As previously mentioned, burial is also an option.

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Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

How Much Do Funeral Homes Charge for Obituaries in New Jersey?

  • Funeral homes in New Jersey usually charge anywhere from $50 to $600 for obituaries. The price usually depends on the length of the obituary and whether photos are included. Some funeral homes offer package deals that include obituaries, mortuary services, and funeral services. Others may require you to purchase each service separately. Be sure to ask the funeral home what their rates are for obituaries because each of them is different.
Can You Become a Funeral Director without a Degree?

  • Yes, you can become a funeral director without a degree, however, most states require you to have a Funeral Director’s license. The license typically involves completing an accredited mortuary science program and passing an exam. Without a degree, they can usually get jobs as assistant director, director of operations, or director of sales. They may also be able to work in the mortuary or with bodies at the morgue.

Is It inappropriate to Wear Shorts to a Funeral?

  • Yes, it is inappropriate to wear shorts to a funeral. Funerals are traditionally formal events where people dress appropriately. Although wearing shorts is comfortable, it is inappropriate for the occasion. There are exemptions to this as some families do like to break from the traditional funeral and would prefer their own unique way of giving tribute to their loved ones.